7.2V 2700mAh
7.2V 2700mAh
7.2V 2700mAh
7.2V 2700mAh

7.2V 2700mah handheld device intelligent lithium battery pack

Product characteristics:

Comprehensive multi-level charge and discharge protection system, maximum deep cycle life, accurate electricity display SMBus communication, IP65 waterproof and flame retardant ABS + PC black and blue

Battery parameters

Battery model: 7.2v/2700mah intelligent lithium battery

Core type: Panasonic ncr18650pf 3.6V 2700mah

Combination mode: 2s1p

Output rated voltage / current: 7.2v/1a

Input voltage / current: 10.0v/1a

Output and communication interface: pitch2.5-6p laptop battery socket

Input interface: dc-012a socket

Battery size: 86.1mm * 90.4mm * 36.4mm

Battery weight: 290g

Working temperature: charging 10 ℃ ~ 45 ℃; discharge: - 20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

Power consumption: working mode: ≤ 300 μ a

Sleep mode: ≤ 90 μ a

Off mode: ≤ 25 μ a (typ ≤ 8 μ a)

Shell material: flame retardant ABS + PC black and blue

Certified: CE UN38.3

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