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18650 24V 40Ah robot intelligent lithium battery pack

Product characteristics:

Comprehensive charge and discharge multi-level protection system, maximum deep cycle life, accurate power display 485 communication, charge management function, crystal shell

Battery parameters

Battery type: 24V/40Ah smart lithium battery

Type of electric core: LG INR18650MH1 3.6V 3200mAh

Combination mode: 7S13P

Output rated voltage / current: 25.2V/30A

Input voltage / current: 29.4V/30A

Output and communication interface: Anderson plug

Input interface: Anderson plug

Battery size: 270.1mm * 123.4mm * 60MM

Battery weight: 7.3kg

Working temperature: charge 10 ~ 45 C; discharge: -20 C ~ 60 C

Power consumption: working mode: less than 300 A

Sleep mode: less than 150 mu A

Closing mode: less than 55 A (typ = 8 A)

Shell material: plate crystal iron shell

Authentication: CE UN38.3

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