Custom battery

At GraceBattery, we specialize in manufacturing custom battery packs and battery pack assemblies from China. We can produce custom made batteries in a range of chemistry types and configurations to meet our customers’ performance and size requirements.

We have the experience, the expertise, and the manufacturing technology needed to create complete, custom battery packs that deliver the performance and reliability you need. We offer both rechargeable battery packs and chargers solution, using proven chemistries and technologies to give our customers a broad range of possibilities for their custom battery pack designs.

Custom Battery Pack Chemistries

GraceBattery has the experience and the expertise to create your custom battery pack or battery pack assembly in any chemistry your application requires.

1, Lithion Ion:18650,26650,21700

2, Lithium Polymer

3, Lithium Iron Phosphate: Cylinder Cells, LiFePO4 Polymer cells and Prismatic Cells

Custom Battery Packs for Every Application

Our engineering and design team will optimize the reliability, safety, and manufacturability of your battery pack design. We utilize advanced mechanical and electronic design tools to give you the best performing, most economical, and most dependable battery pack assembly solution for your needs.

The engineering team at Grace Battery provides custom battery pack design assistance to update or enhance your existing application, or we can develop a completely new battery pack assembly solution to meet the unique energy requirements of your products. Our products now already applies in a wide range of industries sucha as industrial instrument, medecal devices,marine equipment, robot AGV, RV, solar energy storage system, new smart device products etc.

Custom Battery Design Team

Between our skilled engineers and technicians and our highly knowledgeable sales staff, GraceBattery has over 10 years of Li-ion/Li-po/LiFePO4 battery design experience. Ongoing training and certification ensures that our assembly technicians are able to consistently produce superior quality custom battery packs, based on the most advanced designs in the industry.

There are over 30 people in GraceBattery's core technology engineer team. They have expertise in industrial design, electronics, power supply, structure, technology, software, measurement and control, electrochemistry and other professional technical categories.

CAD drawings and prototypes of your custom battery pack are provided for customer review and approval, and to help facilitate any pre-production design developments or changes.

Customize your battery

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