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Continuing advancements in technology mean that more and more of the equipment soldiers use requires battery packs as primary energy sources or as backup power supplies. Nearly everything a modern soldier carries, from daylight video scopes and GPS units to wireless transceivers and thermal weapon scopes, incorporates battery power.

The requirement of additional battery power significantly adds to the amount of weight a solider must carry and has led to a demand for smaller or more lightweight military batteries that still provide high performance and efficiency. To keep up with the demands for advanced military battery technology, Custom Power (DBA House of Batteries) researches, designs, and develops smaller, more powerful, and more reliable custom battery assemblies that make it easier for soldiers to carry their equipment into training and combat.

GraceBattery have developed reliable Lithium solutions for nearly a decade.  We have helped hundreds of customers develop profitable battery solutions. We would be pleased to assist you.

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